What Do You Enjoy Most About Thanksgiving?


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Thanksgiving is only days away and everybody is in “hustle mode.” Whether busy preparing for guests to arrive or finalizing last minute travel plans…it’s a busy time of year. Groceries to gather, menus to be planned and executed, table arrangments to be made, guest rooms to be prepped and activites coordinated. Thanksgiving is a special holiday and time of year that brings together friends and families. We all have our own traditions (some similar and some different). Its fun to learn how others celebrate the holiday, and listen to what they enjoy most about the special day and sometimes incorporating new traditions into our own families.

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Above all other holidays, I love and enjoy Thanksgiving the most because it is a time that is all about families and friends gathering, delicious comfort food and relaxing. I recently put together a Thanksgiving Series for my own blog where I worked with 8 chefs (they each made a fun holiday recipe that they shared on my blog for readers to attempt cooking at home). In the series I asked each one what they loved about Thanksgiving most. I wasn’t at all surprised to their responses…they all shared similar themes:

Mark Bolchoz (Butcher at: The Grocery)

“I like hanging out with my family after the meal and reading stories while we all relax.”

Amanda Gayle Kernins (Private Chef)

“Since our family doesn’t all live in 1 place, it really brings everyone together. And I LOVE all the plethora of vegetables.”

Braydon Sutherland (Sous Chef: FIG)

“Its one of the few days I get to see my entire family in 1 place, we all get to be together and its very special.”

Joshua Begley (Sous Chef: OKU)

“My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being able to relax with my family and friends and eating a ton of food that you don’t normally get to eat.”

Leila Schardt & Tito Marino (Private Chefs)

Leila: “It brings people together that aren’t necessarily family. And I love cooking all day long, its more fun that just sitting and eating.”

Tito: “I’m from a big Italian family and its the BIGGEST HOLIDAY of the year. You get to whoever house dinner is at and there will be between 100-200 people, its great everyone comes together and it may be the only time of the year that everyone get together. It’s a big deal.”

Andy McLeod (Executive Chef: The Lot)

“It’s one of the days of the year everybody gets a chance to be in the same place at the same time. It’s time to stop and reflect with friends and family.”

Blair Machado (Chef de Cuisine: Indaco)

“Getting to spend the entire day with family. Cooking, eating and football.”

Megan Deshcaine (Bar Manager and Mixologist at: 492)

“The holidays, unfortunately, are the only opportunities sometimes to be with our loved ones. I know it will sound cheesy, but I love getting together with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and reverting back to an earlier time, where silliness was not only appropriate but acceptable. Combine that with us all being adults, and “being allowed” a cocktail to combine with those easy childlike tendencies, and I have never laughed harder.”

I think its safe to say that most people agree its about 3 main things:

  1. Enjoying time with the people we love. Whether it’s family, friends, neighbors or fellow church members.
  2. Enjoying delicious food!
  3. Relaxing.

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No matter how your table is set, what is on the menu or where you are…all of us will spend the day differently. But it is a day and season to remember the things we are grateful are. Some years we get to be with family, other years we will spend it with friends. Some Thanksgivings we may carry out the same traditions that our families have previously recreated and some times its time to begin new traditions and embrace new experiences.

No matter where you find yourself during this holiday season my friends,

remember to slow down and take time to soak it all in. Xo.

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