Weekender Home Tour With Sam Sidney


I’m thrilled to be bringing you guys an inside look at some of the wonderful Lowcountry homes that are right here in the Holy City.   My mantra is that every day should feel a little more like the weekend, and I think the way you dress your self each day or style your home can be a huge step toward achieving that.  Have a look inside this gorgeous home, which belongs to local artist Sam Sidney (photographed by Abby Murphy).  The vibrant and fun decor speaks for itself, but I have a few takeaways from this inspiring abode.

1. You don’t have to cater to the kids.

I don’t know Sam well, but I can tell she is a talented artist & a fun mom that doesn’t seem to take things too seriously.  Her happy-go-lucky attitude is enviable, and her fun-loving spirit is evident.  Therefore I was pretty surprised to see there was not a room in the house that is dedicated as a kid’s play area.  Her kids have their own rooms (which were not surprisingly very cute & colorful), but toys are not otherwise strewn everywhere throughout the home.  Potential playroom space is instead occupied by living spaces the whole family can enjoy.  I’m not a mom yet, but I’ve always assumed kids just wind up getting their own area while all of the fun decor gets shoved in a closet.  Sam’s home instead had a lightness to it without toy clutter taking over, and there are still plenty of signs this is a kid-friendly household.

2. Give your favorite furniture a dual purpose.

If you love a piece but don’t seem to have a use for it, then give it a job!  No one needs a card catalog in their house, but guess what?  The drawers are the perfect size for wine storage.  Don’t have room for a ping pong table and a dining room table? Why not combine them? Instead of having a dining room table that barely gets used, Sam has their table set up for ping pong.  Chairs can be brought in and the ping pong net can be removed when company comes to transition it to a dinner table again.

3.  Most importantly, decor should be FUN.

I found so many little details in Sam’s house that just sparked a smile.  She’s added pom pom trim to a formerly drab chandelier, and hand painted spots on the walls of the ping pong room.  Each room has some sort of surprise or color pop that is different from the next.

If you enjoyed that, you can find other home tours & read more about Sam soon on my blog ( The Charleston Weekender).


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