Waiting For Their Mother’s Day to Arrive


For years I dreaded Mother’s Day. On this particular Sunday, I would avoid going to church, going out to brunch, or even logging into Facebook.  What should have been a day of celebration instead became a day of sadness and jealousy for me as I mourned for the baby I’d lost and longed to become a mother myself. Infertility sucks. And this holiday does not make it any easier. Now as I am entering my second year as a mother, I see this holiday as a day of thanks but also of remembrance. Being thankful for what I have but never forgetting the journey that got us here. And I can’t help but to think of all the women who are still waiting for their Mother’s Day to arrive.


If I ever get annoyed because my toddler is clinging to my leg all day, I remember the women who want so badly to be needed by a child. When you are pulling your hair out because your three children are screaming in the back seat of the car, remember the woman who had three miscarriages last year. If you are hoping that your husband will “give you the day off” this Mother’s Day, remember the wives who are sitting quietly at home, who would kill for a family beach day.
And to the women that are still waiting for their Mother’s Day to arrive, you may have to wait just a little bit longer. But your Mother’s Day will come. Your baby will come. And when he or she gets here, it will be so special because you have more patience and determination than a hundred other mothers combined. You won’t need any gifts or presents. Instead you will hug your sweet baby a little tighter and little longer as you remember how you felt all those years before they arrived into your world. To all of you still waiting for your Mother’s Day, know that you are not alone. The sun is shining and there is light headed your way. My heart goes out to you and I will be thinking of you today.

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