Unplugged: Soiree Style!


This summer, I had an ultimate creative reboot to my makeup career and overall psyche: I provided makeup services for several episodes of Tara Guerard’s “Life’s a Party” video series.  Even beyond the opportunity to do makeup, I got to soak up, osmosis-style, the creative energies of some of Charleston’s most talented do-ers.

In this particular episode, Page Palmer a local calligraphy expert, describes her beginnings and take on the art form.  Tara, a wedding-planning & entertaining-guru discusses with Page, the nuances of invitation etiquette.

My takeaway: this is now one of the ways I unplug.  I’ve taken a couple of calligraphy and brush lettering courses, and find this pen-to-paper endeavor so very relaxing and recharging.

Everything about this video is so old Charleston: the visual stimulation of the William Aiken House, these ladies’ lilting Southern voices, and the “CopperPlate” style of the lettering.  It all lends to unplugging (while remaining highly productive), and giving pause to the intricate art of calligraphy.  Here’s 7 minutes for You:

With a heart of thanks to Maria White and Matthew Mebane, the wife-husband team who produced/directed the series and included me on this project.  #unplugged


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