To Tan or Not to Tan. . . is that even a question?


Do you tan or do you not tan?

Most of my adult life, I’ve avoided sun; I’ve chosen to not tan. Relatively early on, I knew that protecting my skin was also preserving the youthfulness of it. (Up to 80 percent of the skin’s aging is caused by sun exposure and environmental factors.) Avoiding the sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays at all costs was the crux of my esthetics training. That means slathering on a lot of sunscreen every 80 minutes.   And honestly, that practice has served me well.

So it comes to a surprise, even to myself, that I’ve chosen to responsibly tan this summer. I’m going against my training and all the science that backs up the longevity of healthy skin that is esspee-effed on a regular basis.

I’ve begun slowly and have not incurred a sunburn. I use at least a 30 spf on my body, and always a 40+ on my face. And usually a wide-brimmed hat. OK, so maybe occasionally, a baseball cap. But I always wear my sunglasses.

And I feel great. Because I feel like I look better with my base-tan, I know my outlook is better, too. Funny how that works. As a client once said to me so vivoquently: “my fat looks better tan than white.” And I find myself espousing that credo this year.   I’m just practicing moderation, which comes in the form of the afore-mentioned esspee-eff. And going to the beach during off-peak hours. And simply not going overboard.   Gone are the days of the savage tan. I’m welcoming in a summer of tanning responsibly.

What’s your favorite SPF product?  Check out Gwyenth Paltrow’s SuperGoop line of products or Sun Bum.   And the Sun Bum smell is a throwback to coconuts and childhood beach trips.  Both are wonderful!

Tell me: how does a little sun make you feel???


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