Three Things Every Charleston Home Needs


I’m so excited that this year my guest posts will all be focused on Interior Design & Decor!  Staying in the realm of budget friendly interior decorating is more of my niche, so I hope to bring you some fun ideas & inspiration that are attainable for your own homes. However, we all love an over the top Pinterest-worthy from time to time, so there will be plenty of that mixed in, too!  I can’t wait for you to see some of the local homes I have lined up to show you this year, but first I thought I might share a little look into my own Charleston abode.  Please leave a comment about what you would like to see more of next time; Before and afters? Home renovations? Shopping tips? Let me know!  For now, take a look at some shots of our first home which was new construction (black and white couch), and our current home built in 1903 (navy couch).  I thought I would share some of my staples that I recommend during decorating jobs and always use in my own decor.  These ideas can help spruce up any home, no matter it’s style or age.

1. Plenty of Pillows

While I do find value in investing in something you will see every day, some of us just don’t have a budget for $200 pillows.  All of the pillows you see here are under $75, and most are under $20.  You can find about any color scheme or pattern you can dream of on Etsy, and I have also had a lot of luck online with H & M.  If you would rather shop in person, Home Goods & Target usually have a good selection.

2. Something to Smile About

If your house looks like a fun place to be, guess what? It will be!  I like to have pieces around that are all about fun and games; from my vintage croquet set to my record player to my gold spray painted “Yoga Joe” army men hiding inside a classy cloche.  Try to have fun with your decor! “No stuffiness allowed” is one of my favorite rules of thumb.

3. Bar Area

We have Mad Men and my friend from college (Roxy of Society Social) to thank for resurrecting the bar cart as a home staple.  You can adorn it with anything you want- even flowers or art.  Keep an eye out at antique stores for awesome and affordable bar carts, or you can create your own mini version.  It’s as easy as buying a tray and a pretty decanter and placing it on an end or entry table.  For the non-imbibers out there, a coffee cart can be just as fun!

(*navy couch images are by Abby Murphy Photography & White Couch Images are c/o Society Social.)


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