This Beauty Blogger’s Soul Mate


Don’t scoff at my choice of soul mates. I could go on for days about my husband, any of my three children, parents, or friends. February is all about declaring your love for Sig-Oths. But this month, I declare my adoration of my Glamcor Brilliant Mirror.

Day in and day out, this mirror knows me as well as anyone.

It recognizes my clean, exfoliated face and my tired, makeup-leaden face.

It knows my deeply furrowed brow lines as well as my freshly Botoxed 11s.

With the 10x magnification attachment, alas, it points fervently at my stray brows, enlarged pores, and burgeoning lip lines.

It knows my pre-cleanser oiled mash-up face (where my lipstick ends up on my forehead and my mascara on my chin) and my kaolin clay masked cleanser face.

This mirror greets me in the morning and encourages me through my makeup color selections:

“Pamela, I believe it’s a smoky-eye day” or

“Step away from the overdrawn lip, P” and even

“Choose the Tom Ford cream blush today . . . it looks FAB on you;)”

It chides me in the evening, “Pamela, you’ve had a long day, you didn’t need that last glass of wine.”  Then soothes me, “I applaud you for your dedication to healthy, clean skin and washing your face. For that, I’ll take it easy on you in the morning . . .”

It guffawed at me when I tried to balance a champagne glass on my derriere a la Kim K’s “breaking the internet” photo. (Yes, I tried that, too).

Yet it guides me and encourages me as I try my hand at video tutorials.

It’s steadfast and true; a real straight-shooter.

I love my mirror.




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