The Soul In Your Closet

By Lorraine Pursell

It’s there.
You feel it every time you enter.
It’s the Soul in your closet. It’s what guides you to choose what you do.

It’s the voices you hear when you stand there staring.
It’s the memories you feel when you’re sick at the glance of a sleeve.
It’s the colors that take you in.
It’s the fabrics you love touching.
It’s the sorrow felt when you’re sad at a tatter.
It’s the gaping hole when you lost-yourself-to-whatever in that skirt.
It’s the remembrance of your self-betrayal in that top.
It’s the wish for a better day when you bought that.
It’s the hope you felt and feel now in your imagination.
It’s the better version of you in that dress.
It’s the expectation that you’ll be what you desire.
It’s the disappointment of the date gone wrong.
It’s realizing that you’re alone with your Soul. Just you and your Soul.
And even now as you play and laugh and strut and pontificate, there’s that quiet part of
you embodying the tiny, wee you – the one seeking guidance, approval, likeability, arrival.
The Soul in your closet. It’s the retrieval of all the pieces of you, lost, come home to rest,
all in one tiny room or a dent in a wall.
What does it say to you when you enter?
What does it feel?
What does it convey?
What does the collective reveal?
What do the colors portray?
And what needs to go?
What needs to end its life?
What needs to have a life with someone else?
What are you sick of?
What are you ready to change?
The Soul in your closet.
Your Soul.
It speaks to you daily, semi-daily.
What’s its special message for you today?
The lips are moving; just listen.
And trust that you hear correctly.
Trust that you can toss those memories as easily as you can get a Goodwill bag.
Time for a new you.
Time for listening to your Soul’s selection for the day.
Time to obey the collage it wants to put on your body.
Time to display your artistry.
Time to express who’s really inside dying to get out.
All we need do is tune in to The Soul In Our Closet that tells all; it guides us and
approves and really likes us and shows us the path for us for our arrival. The arrival of all
that’s in our heart. The pathway to our own approval. The passageway to our own Inner
Guidance. And the being of our own liking.

Lorraine Pursell, MA empowers women all over the world to retrieve their Inner
Guidance and thrive into deep confidence and love for themselves. For more information
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