The ‘Essential’ Issue


Fashion trends come and go. If you pay attention for long enough, you’ll notice how they tend to come back around again and again. But style, true style, that’s enduring. A woman who has developed her own sense of style and owns it, she’s magnetic. She doesn’t have to be a movie star or “Instagram famous.” You know the woman. People turn their heads when she walks into the room. Those are the women whose style we admire. They follow the essential rules of style:

Choose flattering over fads.
Accept your body and learn how to accentuate the positive.
Pay attention to proportions.
Splurge on shoes and handbags when you can.
Go dramatic with hats and sunglasses.
Don’t be afraid of color.
Invest in quality fabrics and construction.
Start with a good foundation: Buy good underwear.
Mix high and low.
Dress comfortably. Don’t look like you’re trying too hard.
Develop a signature look.
Express yourself.
Be creative.
Be open to change.
Take care of your skin and your hair.
Use sunscreen.
Be healthy.
Fuel your body and feed your soul.
Stand tall and hold your head up.
Know your best side.
Be confident.
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Don’t judge others.
Compliment others.
Be generous.
Be kind.
Break the rules every now and then.
Be yourself.

Cover artist: Rebecca Hinson 


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