Take A Deep Breath And Press Publish


Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and make a leap, trusting it will all work out. At least, that’s what I told myself when I launched my blog Coastal Bride three years ago. I’ve never thought much about self-reliance but when tasked to write this article, starting my blogging journey is what came to mind.


For many of us, creating a blog is uncharted territory. It’s like a whole new world opens up where HTML is the local language. Before pushing publish on that very first post, I quietly toiled away late nights writing and researching in my room. I never mentioned to anyone what I was working on, and I relied on my own ability to research blogging terms and ethics.


When the time came to press publish, I had to trust my ability. I held my breath and released my first blog post into the world. Even though only 100 people read my first blog post that day, I am so proud of it. It was the first time in my life that I took a dream and turned it into a reality completely on my own. I don’t consider myself a strong writer, and I am a shy person by nature. So putting it out there and trusting I could do it was a huge turning point.


Since then, I’ve learned a lot and have seen my blog grow from that original group of readers. (And I hope those same readers are still with me today.) In blogging it’s easy to get caught up with what others are doing and what the new trends are. But, in my short time in this crazy online world, I have learned that it is more important to stay true to yourself and trust your vision. People will slowly take notice and appreciate your work.

Just look at Coastal Bride, three years in and we’ve been nominated for The Bloglovin + H&M awards against some of the biggest wedding blogs out there. You never know where a little self-reliance will get you!

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