Summer Saturday in Charleston

Cannonborough Collective

Summer is in full swing, which means all of my favorite summer activities are, too.  I recently had a good friend visit me here in Charleston, and that gave me the opportunity to really whittle down my favorite things to hit up when the heat is on in our fabulous city.

Charleston Farmers Market Peppers

Of course, a warm-weathered Saturday just doesn’t feel right without an iced Americano from Sassyass Coffee and a stroll around the Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square.  I’ll admit, I don’t usually buy my groceries from the downtown market, but I do love the spectacle of it all, regardless.

Charleston Farmers Market

I tend to do my actual shopping at some of the smaller markets outside of downtown, where I can rifle through my produce in peace, without the elbows and baby carriages of tourists knocking me around.  Instead, it’s the elbows and baby carriages of local Park Circle and Mt. Pleasant residents knocking me around.

Oh, well. It’s worth it for the good loot.


After a rough morning of leisurely strolling through Marion Square, nothing cools me down like a trip to Leon’s.  In the dead of the summer a lunch of oysters, brussels sprouts, and frosé hits the spot like nothing else does.


By the way, did you know you can make frosé at home??? It’s SUPER EASY, but my West Ashley porch doesn’t have quite the same ambiance as Leon’s, so these days I usually let them to the work, however minimal, and I just sit back and enjoy the chilly, boozy millennial pink goodness.


Bonus points if you leave with a soft serve cone covered in sprinkles.


After a lovely, chilly lunch at Leon’s, a hike over to my favorite new shop, Cannonborough Collective, to peruse some local goods.  On this particular Saturday, I snagged a gold and red necklace from Oysters All Around, and a delightful little canvas bag that states what we all already knew: Life is better in Charleston.

What are your favorite things to do in Charleston in the heat?  Have you tried the frosé at Leon’s yet?

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