Summer Lovin’ – June/July Issue


Remember when summer meant an endless stretch of carefree days, riding bikes and playing outside until the sun set? Summer meant visiting grandparents and cousins. Vacations to the beach or the mountains. Spend-the-night parties. Sleep-over camp. Backyard sprinklers. Lemonade stands. Fireflies. Ice cream trucks. Baseball games. Sno Cones. Marco Polo. Matinees. That song. Learning to drive. First jobs. First dates. Holding hands. Goodnight kisses. Summer fling. Don’t mean a thing.

Summer brings freedom. Adventure. Endless possibilities. No worries.

Play that song again. Turn up the volume. Summer is calling. It’s a flirty look across a crowded room. It’s a slow dance under the stars. It’s brunching outdoors and happy hour somewhere. It’s front porches and ceiling fans. It’s searching for seashells, sand in between your toes. It’s circling chairs on the beach. It’s drifting off to sleep to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. It’s road trips and new frontiers. A tropical getaway. It’s watching the blazing sun dip below the horizon, all aglow with orange and blue and purple.

Summer is a feeling, an attitude, a state of mind. Feel its rhythm. Sway to the music. Savor the taste. Soak in the sun.

Allow yourself to let go of to-do lists, deadlines and obligations. Just for a little while. Don’t let summer pass you by. Escape the ordinary. Chase the excitement. Experience the joy. Don’t hold back.

Are you there yet? Do you feel it? It’s electrifying!


One thought on “Summer Lovin’ – June/July Issue

  1. LOVE it Shelley!! It’s all the things we forget to slow down and savor when we work for a living and can’t seem to find the time to just sit back and enjoy! Thanks for the reminder!

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