We all have those first day jitters, that twinge in our stomach when our roller coaster cart clicks at the crest of the first drop, that brief instance when time stands still and you lean in for your first kiss. This is one of those slow-motion moments when we say to ourselves, “THIS is it!”


Welcome to the skirt! blog; the next chapter in our skirt! story and we are so glad you’re here.  For two decades, skirt! magazine has provided a monthly meeting place for the women of Charleston; a tangible way to escape the ordinary and come together as a community.  We have brought you hundreds of women (and a few good men) to celebrate through a myriad of themes on topics that move us and this blog will be no different.  Our goal is to build on your skirt! experience and give you something special to look forward to each week.  We want to inspire you, to motivate you, to be your skirtspiration!

Our remarkable journey has lead us to where we are today and we invite you to embark on what we feel is the perfect way to start the new year and refresh the skirt! voice. We hope it will challenge you to try something new, revive something old, laugh (or cry) out loud and see things from a different point of view.  So if you’re all about the DIY, obsessed with the latest color from OPI, want to know where to get the best BLT or looking for a twist on your WOD, you have come to the right place!

To kick things off, we bring you 5 extraordinary women (and a few surprise guests) who, for the next few months, will share with you their passion for life, love, food, beauty, fitness and fashion. They will share what it means to them to be a woman in Charleston in 2016 from their perspective in their areas of expertise (they are all local bloggers and we encourage you to take some time to learn more about them on our contributors page). Each one of them has something wonderful to contribute and will help lay the foundation for what we believe will be a long and meaningful discussion. So without further ado, let the conversation begin!

We are just getting started and we believe “it takes a village” so if you are interested in being a skirt! blog contributor please email us at


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