Sipping in Summer


I love and treasure each of the seasons for different, unique reasons but when I think of SUMMER, I get an extra big smile! The thought of the sun on my face, running barefoot in the sand, picking fresh veggies out of the garden every morning, and eating juicy watermelon makes me really happy! This summer, my daughter and I took a 2 week road trip north to visit family and friends in Vermont and Massachusetts. One of the things that really made the trip so much fun was exploring the local food scene in each of the areas we visited. I am such a believer that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you must be there and dive into the experience — fully. Each area, city, state and region has its own special qualities that make it unique and I love checking them out. Every place we find ourselves (whether out on our travels or in our own backyard) I try to remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of wherever we find ourselves! Here are a few highlights from the areas we visited….


Grand Isle, Vermont

One of the things that is great about visiting our family property in Vermont is going to the local farm stands on the island and buying local produce. It’s normal to pull up and find no one working at the stand (the farmers are usually busy during summer daylight hours, working out in the fields). There is usually a price sheet and a cash box and its based on the honor system. I love riding my bike around the island and picking up the produce we need each day. Its really a fun experience!

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Nantucket, Massachusetts

In my opinion, Nantucket is really known for 2 things: summering and seafood! The weather is amazing and the historic preservation is stunning and makes every inch of the island postcard worthy. If you are a food lover, the seafood is really amazing and you will be dreaming about it for months following a visit. Lobster, fish, scallops, the list goes on and on… IT’S THE BEST! While visiting our friend and host, Jill, we went to her favorite restaurant and I enjoyed the freshly caught by rod and reel striped bass. We also grabbed a lobster roll at a local food truck, and of course, we had to have some oysters. The oysters from New England are always OUTSTANDING!

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Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The last portion of our road trip was spent visiting a friend of mine (Ari Warsaw) that is one of the most amazing chefs I have ever met. He lives on a small island off the coast of Woods Hole in Cape Cod. He is also a terrific gardener and while on our visit, we had the most amazing and perfect spaghetti squash (picked that morning and cooked for lunch) — super fresh! One evening we wanted some shellfish, so I walked down to the docks, plunged my hands and arms into the cool water and scooped some up (per my friend’s instructions), cleaned them and minutes later I was cooking some tasty mussels in a large (and delicious) amount of butter, garlic, lemon and wine. YUM!!!

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Summer should be more simple, taste sweeter and be full of adventures that last a lifetime! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, don’t be afraid to dive in and embrace the experience around you. I have learned that no trip, no season, no experience is 100% perfect or goes 100% as planned. It is up to each of us to enjoy it, make the most of it and sip it in as much as possible… because before we know it, a new season is on its way and waiting to be embraced.

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