Longer days. Frozen margaritas. Cucumber salads.

Rose all day. Large brim hats. Backyard family cookouts. Red ripe tomatoes.

Lounge chairs in the shade. Sunshine and sunscreen and sand. Watermelon slices are endlessly passed.


Days are spendt having grand and glorious adventures with your friends. If you’re 5 years old that might mean catching fiddler crabs in the mud with endless curiosity and countless giggles. If you’re 35 years old it might mean sitting in the sun with your friends and watching your collective group of kiddos running around and dart across sprinklers in the yard…and you smile the biggest and happiest smile you ever experienced…because you know: these are the memories that you will both remember for the rest of your lives. These are special days.


It’s a simpler time. It’s a sweeter time. 

Its the best time of the year…we wear worn out sandals, faded cut off denim shorts and let our hair down and allow it to freely blow in the wind…

We breathe in the salty air with closed eyes, hold it for a second and savor it….because we know all too well that summer will pass to quickly and be gone sooner then we would like. So granting ourselves another moment to absorb all the splendor the season has to offer we close our eyes (again) and breathe in through our nose, hold it and gently, thoughtfully…exhale….




Candice Herriott was recruited 12 years ago to move to Charleston for her job as a hair stylist, and a few years later she bought...

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