POP the Cork and Pour the BUBBLES…


The first thing that I think about when I hear the word ‘POP‘ is: a cork flying off and BUBBLES being poured! Champagne or Prosecco…I love them both equally! People are often confused about which one is better?!?!? My answer: anything with BUBBLES! Both are sparkling wines from different regions (champagne is from France, prosecco is from Italy) and each has its own unique flavor profiles. But the truth is, I don’t like one more than other. I buy them both! I used to feel intimated about which one was ‘better’ or which one was more appropriate for a certain occasion. My answers to those questions:

  1. Sample at home! Buy several different varieties and taste test them side by side. The best way to figure out what you like is to sample and compare them! The best, most cost effective (and fun method) is to have a girls night, order carry out and taste test with your girl squad!!!
  2. What makes something ‘good’ all boils down to: what YOU LIKE BEST! Any good sommelier will agree.
  3. Don’t be intimidated!
  4. Experiment with food pairings! Its fun and delicious to sample different kinds of cuisine with sparkling wine!
  5. Once you have figured out what you like, I highly recommend experimenting with making cocktail and champagne spritzers! SO FANTASTIC and offers a great POP of color!!!

While sparkling wine is synonymous with celebrations, toasts and special occasions (I love them for all of those things too) for me they are also appropriate for: normal, simple, everyday-DAYS! I am a huge believer that life is short and meant to be enjoyed (of course: in moderation and with balance) but if I’m cooking dinner by myself on a random Tuesday night and listening to great music…its likely there is a bottle on the counter of something sparkling…because sometimes that is celebration enough!!! CHEERS!


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