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The month of April is my absolute favorite month of the entire year!!! In the Lowcountry it means low humidity, sunny days, mid 70’s temps and everything is green, growing and full of life! I usually plant my vegetable and flower gardens in mid March but its not until April that they really begin to take off. Its a magical month. One day something is just a sprout and a few days later it has grown 6 inches and is beginning to blossom. Its pretty amazing.


Gardening is a huge part of our lives, we look forward to it, enjoy it and love it!!!. However this year has been (ESPECIALLY) busy, jam packed with work and over scheduled. I’m in the middle of writing and photographing a book about our local food scene and while working on it along with my regular full time job, I was beginning to feel like we didn’t have time to plant our home garden this year. Then one day while I was visiting one of the farms on my book project, I was strolling through the fields and taking pictures (it was a beautiful day and I was soaking it all in) and then I had one of those moments of inspiration, clarity…it was one of those SPARK moments we all tend to get from time to time and usually ignore:

This is the stuff I love, make time for it, clear the weekend schedule and plant the garden!!!

And that is exactly what I did! The joy our garden brings me for 4 months is immeasurable…watering it each morning and evening is relaxing and brings calmness in the midst of busy days (which honestly are every day)! The excitement that comes each year when my daughter picks the first tomatoes is priceless. And our house never smells more like ‘home’ then when I bake zucchini bread, grown from our own backyard! How could I possibly have even contemplated, not planting this year?!?!?


As I’ve gotten older one of the things I’d like to believe I’ve gotten better at, is listening to my inner voice, following my gut instinct and realizing when SPARK moments are happening…and taking pause to embrace them. We all have these moments but somewhere in-between conference calls, grocery lists, carpool drop offs, meetings, deadlines and dentists appointments…we silence and ignore them. This April I challenge you to pause and enjoy the extra hue of vibrancy in the fields, plant a herb garden and enjoy sprucing up your cooking with some extra flavor and listen and watch for your SPARK moments…they are happening all the time…trying to make all our lives fuller, richer, greener and more full of joy!


If you’ve always wanted to start your own garden, here is a list of items I have found that do exceptionally well in our climate and that it’s not too late to plant!!! The internet is full of lots of great suggestions of how to build a raised garden bed, what you’ll need and how much/what kind of soil to purchase. I am a huge fan of Lowes hardware store which has great raised garden boxes that are easy to assemble, inexpensive and made of recycled materials (I put together my first one, on my own). Good luck! Happy Spring!

  • peppers
  • tomatos
  • squash
  • cucumbers
  • beans


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