Peace. Love. Cake.


Food is love.  Nothing better represents this concept than Once Upon A Treat bakery.  What was once an empty, non-functioning space on the corner of Rutledge Ave. and Huger St. is now a bakery making a difference in the community.


Started by Katrina Murphy and opened in May 2016, this is not your average bakery.  Besides the delicious treats Katrina and her team of two crank out every single day, there is something much bigger going on in this bakery than just baking.

Katrina held a childhood dream of owning a bakery.  She remembers as early as middle school, making a cake from scratch and carrying it on the school bus to take to her friend.  But having a bakery wasn’t her only dream.  What would happen if a bakery could operate out of love? Making a difference in the community and helping a population that often doesn’t have the opportunity to make change in their lives.  So with a little help from a GoFundMe initiative and a few business partners, Katrina began her journey.


Once Upon A Treat bakery is a unique company that hires women with the purpose of helping them to achieve economic independence from government assistant programs.  In partnership with the Housing Authority of Charleston’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program, Katrina provides the training and skills to help her employees earn a living wage while in public housing, allowing them to save for their future.  Monies saved are put into an escrow account that can be used for a down payment on a home, a car or their education.


This is a bakery with a purpose.  A bakery that is working to create a more vibrant community in the spirit of goodness.  Katrina hopes that she can inspire other business owners to recognize that they can make a difference with the lives of people in public housing and in the community. Besides the best chocolate chip cookies, brownies, traditional and unique bakery items, Once Upon A Treat menu offers lunch specials like chicken pot pie, sweet and savory treats, special order holiday pies and sides, and even vegan options. It’s not unusual to find them baking pies or a cake for a wedding and they will even rent out the bakery for special events.  They just completed their Bakery After Hours dinner party series, with plans to start back up after the holidays. Katrina has supported many of the neighborhood events as well.  While this bakery has only been open for 6 months, it is finding a place in the hearts of all of those it serves ~ in so many ways.


Once Upon A Treat bakery is located at 624.5 Rutledge Avenue and is open 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday.

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