Own 2016. Set Goals and Crush Them!


Alright, ladies – it is the middle of January, how are your fitness goals coming along in 2016? Was your New Year’s Resolution to set a goal or intention to get in shape, live a healthier lifestyle and improve yourself? Are you still on track or did you skip the gym this week for happy hour?

IMG 1018It is time to find your motivation and make a commitment to not only reaching your goals, but also crushing them. Yes, you have to make healthy choices every day. Yes, you have to workout on a regular basis to see results. Reaching fitness goals requires dedication, discipline and consistency. Now, I know what you are thinking, this sounds like a hassle and extremely time consuming. But you are wrong!

First, change your thought process. If you think being healthy is all about eating boring foods and working out for hours and hours, then learn to associate a less-than-pleasurable activity with an extraordinary outcome. Find your motivation. For example, lifting weights will definitely make my shoulders look hot in a tank top or I’m going to the gym because I want to run the entire bridge at this year’s race!

Whatever your goal is, keep that in mind each day when you contemplate ditching a workout or eating a doughnut. I can assure you – nothing tastes as good as healthy feels! Confidence – that is what you will gain once you reach a goal. And my, oh, my victory feels good.

Yes, you will have setbacks and you might fail. But every day is a new day to wake up and start over. So it is never too late to begin. Be the change you want to see in yourself – don’t wish for it, work for it!

To get you started on a regimen, here is a recipe for one of my favorite protein smoothies — now you have no excuses!

Recipe: Green Machine Protein Smoothie.

DSC 0022Incorporating protein into your diet is one of the most important components for building muscle mass in the body. Why, you might ask? During exercise, protein levels are depleted and muscles require amino acids to prevent deterioration, provide endurance and build mass. Here is a delicious recipe that incorporates protein, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.

6 cubes of ice
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 cup blueberries
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 tablespoon natural unsalted almond butter
3 cups of kale and/or spinach leaves, stems removed

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth, pour and enjoy.

Kale yeah! 



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