Opening Fresh Eyes


We’ve just about made it through Month One of 2016. Let’s wipe those clouded resolutions from our eyes – the resolution to get the guy or the gal, the job or the raise, the get-skinny goal or the ladder-climb to self-improvement.

Let’s drop our expectations of what’s coming later and remember what came first, what we once looked at with fresh eyes in our lives.

I remember the first time I came to Charleston. I didn’t know what to expect, so I expected nothing. So I was entranced by everything.

Every second I saw a new sight or tapped into a new experience felt like a fresh start. I felt on fire with excitement. The first time I peered through gates in the French Quarter, glimpsed secret gardens. The first time I stumbled upon Blue Bicycle Books, traced the spines of seemingly limitless options with my fingertips. The first time I stood at the center of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, refreshed by rain. The way it took my breath away.


The first time I stepped onto the rooftop of Stars, the way I could gaze over the city in the dark. The first time I had brunch at Hominy Grill, the hot Huevos Rancheros a special kind of love affair with a fork. The first time I fell back in the grass at the Battery, relaxed. The first time I took a sip of Kudu coffee, tucked into a chair on the jungle-like patio.

Screen Shot 2016 01 21 at 4.59.20 PM

The first wisp of music I heard at The Mezz, tinted with candlelight and wine. The first time I stretched out on my mat at Blue Turtle Yoga downtown, felt currents of peace.

Let’s stop searching for what’s next. Let’s stop wishing upon each future moment like we have to transform into something fresh, something new, something better. Take a look at what you have. It was all fresh once. Make it so again. Open your eyes. Revisit everything around you, refresh it.


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