One + One = Two

A couple of wise men once said, “It Takes Two to make a thing go right. . . It Takes Two to make it outta sight!” (Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock)

February is the month of two-ness. In order to maximize results over here in Prettyville, It Takes Two of many things near and dear to this beautyphile’s heart.

Procedure + Maintenance = Good Investment. 

If you have it done, you should maintain it. Even something as simple as a blowout. If you spend the money to have your locks blown out, go ahead and buy the product that will help keep it looking lovely for nearly a week. That would be a dry shampoo. I recommend this one by Kenra. The service and product can be found at Mount Pleasant’s first blow dry bar, Blowout, in Shelmore Village.


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Precleanse + Cleanse = Clean Face.

It’s called a “double cleanse” and it’s the best way to get your face super-clean and soft. You’ll need a makeup remover to take off your makeup before you use a cleanser to clean your face. Those are two different products that do two different things. My favorite remover is Dermalogica’s PreCleanse.

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There are so many great products and treatments to pair together: lip liner + lipstick, Botox + Juvederm, blush + bronzer, and the list goes on. Just remember, if one’s great, two’s even better. Twice as nice.


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