New Year, New Tunes



I love the month of January. We like to start the year off strong with goal setting and resolutions. Everyone’s “can do” attitude is contagious and the air is full of optimism. Personally, goal setting is tougher than completing one of my kickboxing classes but I always applaud those on their new year resolutions. These resolutions can range from getting back to the gym, telling their crush their true feelings, studying for the Google Analytics/Adwords certification, to even tapping into their inner super lady.

Now, I know when I need to get amped for the gym or gather the courage to flirt with that insanely hot bartender at Little Jack’s, I need music to channel my energy. I’ve selected songs from local artists Emily Curtis, Anfernee, Matt Monday, and Saluda Shoals that fit perfectly to help us dig down deep for strength for our new year, new me struggles.

Fit B**ch Song

Those last few minutes of your spin class and you’re ready to give up. Like f-this sweat and effort, I want cheese, but I’m thinking about the cheese I already had at lunch. Emily Curtis’ “Battleshade” helps you get over that last climb in spin and motivate you to keep that fanny in place.

Emily Curtis – Battleshade

Entrance Song

You’ve entered a party, concert, restaurant, hell, even the grocery store, you need a song that lets people know mama ain’t fooling around. Anfernee’s “2070’s”, brings out the strong lady dance vibe. “You putting work in those shoes” is just the message I’m sending on a Friday night at the club or to the wine distributor at Trader Joe’s.

Anfernee – 2070’s

Getting Through a Rough Work Day

When the deadlines are looming and you need to power through til 5 pm, a song with a heavy beat can help do the trick. Matt Monday’s “You Know Who”helps you zone into a kick fanny mode and pushes you into overdrive to conquer any tasks that stand in the way of your happy hour glass of wine.

Matt Monday – You Know Who

Telling Hottie Bartender Your Sober Feelings

We’ve all got our go-to spots in Charleston, and you frequent this particular King Street haunt in hopes of gaining the guts to tell that hot bartender you should see each other outside work. Saluda Shoals’ “Tempt Me” is just the tune to get your point across. You can blame the whiskey, but in this particular instance, it ain’t the liquor.

Saluda Shoals – Tempt Me

There are times where we need that extra push or reminder we have the courage to overcome hidden feelings, almost-impossible-resolutions, or that last round of burpees. We have the strength within ourselves to accomplish any of our new year goals, but having the right tune playing doesn’t hurt either to help cross the resolution finish line.


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