Never Underestimate the Power of a New Skirt


By Shelley Hill Young
Skirt executive editor

In January, we pledged on the cover of Skirt to be stronger in 2018. We had realized that the future of Skirt — Charleston first women’s magazine, founded in 1994 — was in our hands. We developed a vision, identified opportunities for growth, and when we had the opportunity to regain local ownership of the magazine and its resources, we seized it.

This month, we launch the first issue of Skirt magazine under Holy City Publishing LLC. You will no doubt notice some other changes as well. We’ve updated the look and feel of the magazine with a high quality paper, new graphics and a fresh take on the venerable Skirt. logo.

It’s all part of a fearless move designed to give Skirt increased visibility, attract new readers and advertisers, offer advertisers a high-quality product and offer you, our loyal readers, a positive experience. What remains is Skirt’s strong voice, spirited attitude and focus on women.

At a time when many women are recognizing their power — standing up for themselves and others, becoming increasingly engaged, working together and pledging to make the world a better place — we feel passionately that Skirt’s voice, its mission to celebrate and empower women, is more relevant than ever.

Skirt’s publisher, Thomas Giovanniello Jr., formed Holy City Publishing and bought the licensing rights to Skirt to regain local control of resources and to ensure that Skirt continues to serve as the voice of Charleston’s spirited and independent women.

We reduced the size of the magazine to make it easier to handle and to display at distribution points, but we wanted to remain oversized because we believe it’s part of what makes Skirt so recognizable.

We upgraded the cover to a premium grade of paper to better showcase the local art and photography and to create prime locations for advertisers to spotlight their products.

With the new Skirt logo, we’re making a statement — asserting our power, your power, the power of women in the Charleston market.

In the past year, we have partnered with the Susan G. Komen South Carolina, Florence Crittenton Programs of South Carolina, Postpartum Support Charleston, Center for Women, and the Women’s and Genders Studies Program at College of Charleston. We look forward to continuing those partnerships and working with more community groups that help celebrate and empower women in the upcoming year.

Twenty-four years ago, founding publisher Nikki Hardin declared in the first issue: “skirt! is all about women – their work, their play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls. … skirt! is an attitude – spirited, independent, outspoken, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial, always passionate.”

Today, Skirt’s mission continues to be to celebrate women with attitude and empower them in their pursuits. We strive to connect women, celebrate our successes, strengthen our passions, embrace our differences, develop a spirit of community, and most importantly, support each other and our life goals. It is a mission we are passionate about. And when we’re passionate about something, it’s easy to be fearless, to avoid placing limits on ourselves, to be our best selves and to go for our dreams.

Skirt is for women who are confident, outspoken and passionate. Skirt is for the decision-makers, the influencers, the go-getters and the do-gooders. It is for the women who are fearless. You are Skirt.

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