My Summer of Living Boldly: A Diary


June, 2016    

Went to Philadelphia with my husband and daughter to pay our last respects to one of the most loving, kindest men I’ve ever known, our Uncle Steve Lesch. It was an outpouring of adoration from his many friends from far and wide who paid homage to a man who led with love. The takeaway: love boldly; it’s a wellspring that continues to replenish itself.


Lesch & Train Family recalling stories of Uncle Steve as the full moon rises. Photo courtesy of Kelly Tiberio.

July, 2016     

Dropped my daughter off for a week at Clemson University’s Summer Scholars program. There she learned to be audacious in her pursuit of biomedical sciences in a course that taught her about human oncology.IMG_6748

Visited with my best high school friends for a celebration of impending 50-hood at Kay’s Lake Sinclair home. I watched our consummate hostess making the rounds, breaking beyond her shy nature to ensure all guests were comfortable, well fed, and had a beverage in hand. Note to self: she’s taught her beautiful children to host that way, too. None of her family ate or sat down until all their (100+) guests had been tended to.


Picked up my 12-year old niece whom I see once a year. We talked to her about being bold and courageous in school, especially during high-anxiety, standardized testing. And she taught me how she lives a loving life with a blended family. How terms like “mom” and “brother” can also apply to the people beyond biological ties.


Found the courage to summon my mother’s spirit by sun-tanning and smoking Virginia Slims to commune with the 50-something version of Thelma. Now, I don’t recommend either of those activities. I’m not a smoker, and I’ve given up tanning after being schooled in the detriments of what it does to our bodies. But this summer has been different. I needed to commune with Mama since her March passing, and it worked. She’s been present with me. I’m also pleased to report that this was a one-time thing. She wouldn’t have wanted me to smoke. But she would have wanted me to “get a little sun. . .”


August, 2016                       

Traveled to a place where I have familial roots and whose residents more commonly come to Charleston to vacation: OHIO!  I went with my group of “makeup-mavens,” whom I’ve traveled with, worked closely with, spent a year in esthetics school with, and share a bond that’s simply unexplainable. I’m at my intrepid-best when I’m with them. So, here’s to bold red lips, Lake Erie, and diving in to Life!





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  1. I can hear your mom saying that and I’m glad I’m not the only one that needs a Virginia Slim on occasion!! 😉

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