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This month’s theme is about the essentials and to me those are the things I can’t live without and use everyday. As someone who works full time in software development, then switches gears to run my own business at nights & on weekends, I’m constantly on the go.   These are the things that keep me moving and productive everyday!

Alright, so here are what my fall essentials look like…

In My Bag

This might be the most random (and slightly embarrassing) of the lists, but I promise if I poured my work bag / purse out this is what you’d find in it.

  • Chapstick – I’m not much of a lip stick girl, but I love me some Chapstick! The original is still my favorite.
  • Oyster knife – Now that it’s oyster season you have to be ready for all the oyster roasts! Ironically I’m allergic to shellfish (considering I craft with a lot of their shells), but love shucking them and the wooden oyster knives are great to keep around.
  • Apple dongle – Totally related to work, this is an adapter I frequently need to connect my computer to a projector or bigger screen. I also have 3 different ones and several chargers and cords handy.
  • Koozie(s) – You never know when you’ll have a cold one in Charleston and need a koozie. Or need to give one to a friend!
  • Epipen – I have a few food allergies so my Epipen is always on me and sticks out of my wallet.  You’ll also find a sleeve of Benadryls… just in case.
  • Hair ties – With my crazy hair you always need a backup. Or 3.

During the Day

Weekdays can be pretty hectic so I try to stick to somewhat of a routine to stay sane and get everything done.

  • Chick-fil-a – I probably eat at Chicky at least once a week and maybe more some weeks (oops). Nothing can motivate me for the afternoon like some waffle fries.
  • iPhone – Let’s be serious, I rely on my phone for A LOT. I manage my site, blog and online shop through apps. I check email accounts and post to social media, and of course I take lots of snaps of my cat.
  • Workout gear – After a long day nothing releases stress like getting a good workout in. I love the variety of classes and great instructors at Journey Fitness in Mt. Pleasant and have been going there for 3 years!
  • Cricut Maker – This machine is a crafter’s best friend. It can cut all types of materials, from fabric to paper and vinyl, and makes my nightly crafts easy. Yes, I craft at least once a day haha.
  • My husband & kitty – At the end of my day, nothing is better than dinner and couch time with my family.  My husband is my #1 supporter and the together they make me so happy. And just look at that furry face..

On the Weekend

  • College football – To me, the definition of fall is college football and decorating with pumpkins. Go Jackets!
  • 5 gallon bucket – This might seem random, but I keep one in the back of my car in case I go oyster shell hunting. Just like the koozie, you never know when you’ll need one!
  • Bacon, egg & cheese croissant – I love breakfast sandwiches almost as much as Chick-fil-a and we go to Mozzo at least once over the weekend to get our fix.
  • NFL jersey – Sundays in our house are for a late brunch & NFL, so wear your jersey and knock both out at once 😉 Bonus points if it’s a beautiful day on the water.
  • Book – There’s nothing like curling up in a blanket and reading a book on a cool morning. I’ve really been digging Erik Larson’s books lately.

Now that you’ve had a peek into my life’s go-to things, what are your fall essentials?


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