My 2018 Word of the Year: ENJOY


ENJOY: take delight or pleasure in (an activity or occasion).

I love a good challenge! In this months (January issue) the skirt! editorial team challenged its readers to: “choose a word that can serve as your guide during the upcoming year, one that you can come back to when you lose focus.” I thought long and hard about what should my word be?!?! I choose the word: ENJOY, because I felt it really fit what I was trying to accomplish and embody this year.

ENJOY. This year I really want to focus more on a life motto I have always attempted to live by which is, ‘enjoy where you are, enjoy who you are with and enjoy what you are doing.’ Its simple. And as much as I think I live it, there is room for improvement and I need to be reminded and live it more fully. Life, schedules and work (as great as they all are) can be overwhelming and blind us from remembering this sage advice.

I am a ‘small things’ kind of person. It’s the simple things of daily living that I really love, cherish and value the most. It’s cooking beside my finance in the kitchen and looking over to him while we are chopping veggies and see him smile back at me. It’s preparing a birthday party and baking a cake with my daughter (for her favorite lovey: Spot, the stuffed animal dog). It’s taking a break to go outside and make a mini-snowman when I’m neck high in work. Its making my grandmothers favorite blueberry cheesecake recipe and thinking of her the entire time. It’s taking the time to look at each drawing and craft project that my 5 year brings to me with sheer excitement as she shares these prized treasures with me. Small things…that are so meaningful. These are the memories that I’ll spend a lifetime savoring and holding onto, looking back and realizing: THIS WAS THE BIG STUFF!


I challenge myself this year to ENJOY my work, more. Don’t get me wrong-I love my job, but this year I want to really enjoy the whole process more deeply and fully and push aside my fear of failing. I’ve made a lot of transitions with my work over the last 2 years and its come to a tipping point this year-I can feel it and its exciting. I want to fully embrace it, all to it-the fear, the joy, the excitement, the failures and the growth. There is a lot of really great things coming up in 2018 and I can’t wait to be part of them and enjoy it all. There will also be some hard times (like every year before this one) but I’m ready to embrace those moments too…they make us stronger and help us to grow.

Life is short, it passes to quickly, the days and weeks and years seem like they are flying past at light speed. None of us know how long our lives will be…and while some of us may see that as a negative outlook….I choose to see it and treasure it as a positive one. I am making a choice to ENJOY all of it. Let that be my guide and light for leading my path for 2018. Good luck picking your own word for this bright new year:)

2018 Food Advice For ENJOYING Life More:

-Buy a decadent item to keep in your fridge or on the pantry shelf and instead of waiting for a holiday or special occasion to use it…open it and enjoy it on a random Thursday night….just because! (One of my favorite items is caviar on a stale tortilla chip with a dollop of sour cream and fresh herbs)!

-Bake a cake….for no special reason-except that you felt like it!

-Find a recipe of something new you’ve been wanting to try and invite a friend to cook it with you! Go all out, set the table with the nice dishes, use the silver, pick up some flowers, open some bubbles…enjoy spending the time with a friend and trying something new. We don’t use the good dishes, enough!


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