Merry Beautimas!


Beauty in any form, physical or emotional, is something I’ve chased all my life. I’m #blessed to have a career in the very industry that stokes my creative and ambitions-fire. However, the beauty I cherish most is made up of people whom I love dearly.

My Grinch-less heart grows three times too big when I think of last January and the serendipitous Lesch women gathering. Our sister Anna was the only one not there, but even her presence was felt because she made sure we were all shod with fabulously warm Fuel socks.

This girls’ weekend was a “merry-hangover” in that we came together just after the holidays. We had a big NYC weekend planned with outings, shopping, perhaps a play. But what unfolded was a Snowmageddon that shut down the eastern seaboard. No trains, planes, or automobiles. Fortunately, we were stockpiled with food, wine, great music, firewood and one another. It was so beyond enough.  It was a three-day merry feast.

This holiday season, I wish you more merriment and beauty that you can handle so that it overflows into your new year, whether with family, friends, fur-babies, or in glorious solitude.

Merry Everything!



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