The Magnificent May Issue is Out


Spring is a such a show off, but we love her for it. She turns our streets into colorful paths, these magnificent blossoms that leave us breathless. She’s a passionate and precious season that makes a stroll through our neighborhoods and brings birdsong, wind that scatters seeds, the smell of the ocean riding in on a jasmine-scented wave. For being in between two extremes, she’s kind of a big deal. The fireflies are back for their evening front-porch light shows, it’s still cool enough for wine in the hammock, and putting the kids to bed when it’s light outside is just a bonus. She covers our cars with yellow dust, makes us sneeze incessantly, but we wouldn’t trade Spring for any other season, Hello, magnolias, azaleas, and Carolina jasmine. Goodbye evening chill, sweater layers, grey skies. She blows in and we get restless….everything else is in bloom, we’re ready to bloom our own creative spark, big deal, and finally realize why Mother’s Day chose Spring to arrive. You’re the women Spring claims as flowers, as its southern decadence. You’re the sweetly-scented, still glowing from summer, strong as hurricane winds and as gentle as the breeze that sways the Palmettos. Forget fragility, we’ve all seen the replenishment of shocks of color on trees that were rocked by coastal storms. You bloom with strength in the same way. We wish you many butterflies to dance with you in the grass, tendrils that reach as high as the sky, and hardiness that brings back marsh flora season after season. Lovelies, it’s time to go forth, go flower, and go you.

Artist: Jessica Dame


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