Local Musical Flavor


Now that we have filled up with yummy Thanksgiving meals and filled our shopping carts with Holiday sales, we shouldn’t forget to fill our ears with tasty music. This is when the Christmas music starts or for those hardcore fans perhaps already a month in. Now, I’m not a scrooge by any means, but I’m not 100% Christmas music all holiday season. I’ve been rotating through some recent releases from local musicians. Two of my personal favorites on this playlist are Emily Curtis’ “Battleshade” and City on Down’s “All on You”. These songs are full of melody and motivation; just what your holiday hungover body needs after the second helping of your mom’s stuffing and the 8th libation (no judgment on the number). Cue the holiday music if you must but don’t forget to include some of these local musicians.

Meggie Hulsey heads up the blog, Disco Teepee, covering local and regional music. Music changes moods and minds. This is her journey to bring the...

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