Living In Reverse

By Lorraine Pursell

Entropy, the automatic and expected deterioration of the physical, is B.S.

It’s a belief we bought because everyone we’ve ever known preaches it. But we’re in the 21st Century, Lovely.

We’re evolving quickly beyond Newtonian into quantum physics. Still, masses consume the marketeers’ “It’s cold and flu season!” and “When arthritis flares up…” so we bathe in it day in and day out.


It’s enough to halt independent thinkers from their unlimited possibilities. But when we insist on consciously selecting what we hear, see, say and do, we can make new outcomes possible, even with aging.

When you sit in stillness what do YOU think? What are your own thoughts and beliefs apart from everyone else’s? Can you have a unique, unusual and extraordinary life?

The Observer Effect, discovered when scientists’ expectations affected outcomes of experiments, has changed everything. Now we know that expectations change our bodies, too, and that what’s in our mind’s eye out-pictures.

Living in reverse (my body regenerates so why should I age?) is my own personal edge.

When I read Dr. Joe Dispenza’s story of regenerating his splintered spine in 10 weeks using his focused mind, I was hooked. (You Are the Placebo, Joe Dispenza, Hay House, Inc., 2014, pp.xvii-xxi)

It takes moxie and a campaign of Seek and Destroy on mind memes innocently laid down over a lifetime. But things like grandparents grabbing Tums after dinner or rubbing their arthritic fingers start to no longer be a normal part of adding numbers to us.

As an energy healer and counselor/coach for 23 years, I’ve seen that simple vigilance and the act of clearing things like resentment and bitterness from our hearts and souls lightens our bodies so they can heal.

Refusing to gossip is a power tool for this, too. So is appreciating everyone for at least something and committing to no bad-mouthing ever. It keeps that hot, burning coal from spinning inside us where entropy thrives if left unchecked.

Guard what comes into you at all times. Resolve that only the bright, the uplifting and the beautiful is allowed in your realm and you’ll bolster your power to live in reverse.

Decide to send light and love to everything that’s NOT uplifting and beautiful so your body can elevate and do its job.

Practicing these techniques purifies the body, and in my vast experience, changes everything.

So if what we expect is what we create as with The Observer Effect, then in this new quantum age, what will you expect?

I expect to live in reverse with my body’s regenerating efforts, and bring in more lightness, health and happiness for me and everyone I serve.

Since 1995, Lorraine Pursell, MA has used her journey from being a shy follower to becoming a visionary thought leader for her teachings. She’s a global women’s empowerment coach, international bestselling author, speaker and TV personality featured weekly on NBC TV for 2.5 years. Get Lorraine’s most acclaimed eBook FREE at and visit  for info. 


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