It Takes Two

A hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to whisper in; there are times in our lives when the presence of another being is what’s required. Whether you’re sure you can’t or you think you can, life will remind you that sometimes, “it takes two.” For many of us, our pairs look different. Two parents, two friends, two partners — we all operate in two’s at some point. This is what the February issue is all about!

The talent pool here in Charleston is nothing short of spectacular, so it should come as no surprise that our search for dynamic duos presented us scores of results. Two by two, we talked with business partners, couples, and colleagues who gave kudos to their cohorts and said they wouldn’t have it any other way.

First up, we bring you a sneak peek at some of the most terrific twosomes in town!


There are so many innovative and gifted women pairing up to share their dreams and reach their goals that it was hard to narrow it down, but we think these 3 couples truly demonstrate what it takes to make the magic happen.

Saramel and Sara of Gnome Café

These certified Jivamukti yoga teachers met when they were servers at Cypress. Now they’re serving vegetarian and vegan dishes at their new President Street establishment.

Leslie and Marion of Open Door Shop

“We keep it casual because that’s who we are,” says Marion, whose creative approach complements Leslie’s classic approach. “We knew if we did something creative like a blog, it would lead somewhere else. We just didn’t know where.”


Liz and Chrissie of Indigo Market

These acquaintances could have been competitors. They both had furniture booths at Mount Pleasant Mall. But Liz says they had a similar aesthetic and the same idea: why not join forces?


Our local creative scene is bursting with collaboration, so in an effort to keep the spirit alive this month we thought we would do some of our own.  If you’re anything like us, you’re a sucker for a good love story — what better place to call home than the number “two” destination wedding spot in the country! We joined forces with hundreds of Charleston based vendors to bring you our 6th annual I Do Book. This skirt! created field guide is designed to support any bride (or her partners in crime) in her plan for the perfect day!

i do header

In addition to our fabulous team of contributors, we thought it only fitting to invite some of our favorite blogging couples (like everybody’s favorite drinking duet – The Cocktail Bandits) to share what “it takes two” means to them. Be sure to check in with us regularly for their posts and others to keep you inspired and full of love all month long! When it comes to encouragement, we say there’s no such thing as “two” much.


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