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It’s January! A new year, new possibilities; a time for setting new goals! Most importantly, January means that the holidays are behind us and we survived them. YES! As wives, girlfriends, mothers, stepmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, AS WOMEN…we have just spent the last 2+ months making everything perfect for the holidays for everyone else. We want to, we do, we love the holidays (or we don’t, but we work really hard to make it special for the people we care about it anyways). We have just spent countless hours, days and weeks shopping, arranging parties, cooking, baking, writing hand written cards, mailing packages, hand delivering items all over town…for everyone else. Part of us enjoys the spirit of it all and part of us despises the chaos. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and equally the most exhausting, all at once. We are the magic makers of the holidays for everyone we love and care for…but once the calendars flip to January, it means we get to set our magic wands aside. That is where we are now…at that place, the place where we collapse and need to refresh.

This is your time now. This is the part of the year where you take time for yourself — you get to step back and breathe! YOU DESERVE IT! Now is the time to think about what you would like to do for yourself, for no reason other than it’s just something you want to do for you! If you need suggestions, I can come up with a whole long list of things you should do for yourself…and since I am a food blogger, that list is going to consist of food related things to get you started on your journey to filling up your personal love cup! I believe that food is the center of everything, including a happy and healthy life. Now for those of you that just set New Year’s resolutions that revolve around diets, weight loss, and getting more in shape, I’m not trying to derail you. I believe in and live my life with balance…recalibrating that balance every day. I don’t diet (but I realize that it’s effective and beneficial for some people, so don’t think I’m against them), it’s just not for me. I work out 3-5 days a week, at a moderate pace. I aim for a healthy lifestyle and believe in raising my daughter by setting an example of a healthy and balanced life. I live with intention and aim for balance, every day recalibrating it, because I’m far from perfect and I can’t pass up a good cheese plate to save my life…even if I have consumed all my calories. It’s ok, I allow myself the day; I’ll enjoy that cheese and move on. The next day, I’ll try to rein my goal back in and adjust what I eat to help compensate for my splurge. And that is how I do things. I believe in giving myself indulgences (often) because I earn them and work out for them. And honestly, I really enjoy them and won’t apologize! FOOD IS MEANT TO BE ENJOYED!

Charleston Food Writer’s List of Self Indulgences That You Deserve After Making Everyone Else’s Holiday Season Magical:

1). Plan dinner out with a friend or group of friends at a new restaurant that you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had time to get to yet (yes, it’s ok if that restaurant has been open for 2 years and you still haven’t made it in). NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE RESERVATION!

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2). Go to a gourmet food store or kitchen store and buy an item that you have no idea what it is, but the box looks pretty and the description sounds fantastic! This is how I started a lifelong love affair with fancy balsamic vinegars. I did not need them, it’s merely something I had always wanted to try and so finally one day I allowed myself to. The same goes with kitchen tools (I love baking and cooking and I often realize I don’t have the right tools, because I can’t usually justify to myself buying a tool for a cooking project that I may or may not ever recreate again). This is your time to splurge and buy those cute tart tins! TAKE $30 AND BUY IT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO!

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3). If you love pastries, sweets or fancy coffees (like I do) put on your calendar 2 days a month of 30 minutes each where you are going to go to a favorite (or new) bakery, sweet shoppe or coffee spot. Take a magazine or book and sit down and allow yourself a 500 calorie splurge and 30 minutes to relax and just soak it in — don’t feel bad about it! ENJOY THE BREAK AND THE TREAT.IMG 3733

4). Invite over a friend(s) for dinner and make something you love or try some new recipes that you are interested in trying out. Do it for the simple joy of cooking. If you don’t like cooking, that’s totally ok! Just order in some takeout from somewhere you like. Don’t ask permission from anyone if the menu is “ok” with them. Make what you want to make, make what sounds “good” to you. THIS IS YOU MAKING OR ORDERING THE FOODS YOU LIKE…SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU WANT TO!

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By giving yourself the time you deserve and the break that you have earned, you will feel better for it! Once we allow ourselves time to rest, breathe, and refresh our minds and bodies, we are better prepared to take care of the things, work and people that depend on us.

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2016, and to the LOVE OF FOOD! It’s going to be a great year!

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