Being the food lover and appreciator that I am…I have a very special place in my heart for recipes. I LOVE RECIPES! One of the things that makes them so special is that they cheat death…they have the potential to live FOREVER! The tradition of passing them down to the next generation-who in turn…loves and appreciates them…through that continuation, they live on. One of my favorite things to do is collect antique cookbooks and old newspaper recipes that have been cutout and read them. It doesn’t mean I make them all-but I absolutely enjoy the simple pleasure of reading the ingredients and processes along with the occasionally attached story that accompanies it.

I have a stack of recipes from my grandmother that she wrote out for me during our days of cooking together when I was a child and throughout my twenties when I visited home for the holidays and during summer breaks. She made the most amazing German and Polish inspired dishes and just reading them transports me back to that time and place being with her. I have often tried to replicate them-mostly I was unsuccessful in my attempts-but none the less-I’ve enjoyed the process. Especially now that my daughter is old enough to remember us doing some of these days of cooking together and sharing the stories with her of my grandmother-it is a tradition that I hope one day she will appreciate and continue (and even if she doesn’t)-hopefully someone in her life will find her box of handwritten cards that I will leave for her and give them new life.


The days of making cabbage rolls, blueberry cheesecake and homemade mayonnaise with my grandmother Loretta Lukasak…will always be with me. Thankfully, I can occasionally attempt them. I began to write down my own recipes the last few years and recently was gifted a new blank recipe book as a Christmas gift from my sweet friends Michelle & Greg…it was the perfect gift as I recently got engaged and my fiancé James and I, prepare to start our new family traditions together…a family cookbook seems a very fitting thing to have.


I challenge you to organize those hand written notes and cards and pieces of paper you have stuffed in junk drawers, in cabinets and on the fridge into a place of safe keeping to be revisited when you want to try something new (old) or revisit times with your loved ones or from meals of past. If you don’t have a recipe collection-now is the perfect time to begin something new!

Bon Appetit! 

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