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If you’re from Charleston or live in Charleston you know Darius Rucker. He is associated with many things; frontman of the former pop band, Hootie and the Blowfish, passionate University of South Carolina alumni and loyal local to the Charleston community. His continued efforts to support those in need is constant and this time he is volunteering with the Home for Good project. Ply Gem Industries and Habitat for Humanity alongside Rucker are working to build hundreds of affordable homes for those in need.

This past Friday we chatted with him and got a preview of the new home built in Joppa Way section of North Charleston. Now, I realize that he was asked the same question a million times so I tried my best to be a little more creative.

  • As a loyal Charleston resident, you’ve been honored with a street named after you, the next logical item should be Darius Rucker Day. What would you have people do on that day?
  • Where has your passion for giving back come from?

If there were such a day, Darius Rucker Day, he would want every Charleston local to spend their time and energy volunteering to help shift our community and residents into a better place. His mother taught him at a young age to help others and plans to do so until the day he dies. He shared a story of when his daughter was younger she grew her hair for Locks of Love not telling any family members of her plan to donate her hair. It was an idea that she had based on their family’s tradition of helping others.

  • What kinds of skills have you acquired through this partnership? Are you planning on putting those skills to work in your own home?

While he may be spending his time helping his community, he also mentioned that his home wouldn’t be receiving any home renovations anytime soon. “I’m better at taking directions when it comes to home renovations”, he chuckled, “I’m just thankful for the time I had working on this home.” Through this partnership, he’s been able to see a difference in how little things can go a long way. The recipient of this new home, Kenya, has been trying for years to find a home for her family. She’s one of many that will be able to receive a brand new home through this partnership.

My meeting with Darius was short but very sweet. A man that has been blessed with a successful career still oozes humility. He continues to find ways to make sure that his hometown, Charleston, and its residents care for each other. May we continue to love and support our hometowns just like Darius.

PS – Darius is also a very funny dude…

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