Hello, Sunshine!


If you check out my instagram, you will see (sometimes over the top) very saturated colors. Charleston lets me live this color-drenched life that I had been longing for the whole time I was living in Washington, DC. I remember months without REALLY seeing the sun (there was always a haze and grey sky for most of winter) and that really started to get to me. I tried one of those sun lamps for S.A.D. and even a few attempts at the tanning bed, hoping that even fake sunshine might give me a little dose of the rays that I was craving. I told myself to be happy because I was surrounded by great friends and coworkers, an awesome husband, and an exciting city with plenty to do! But something in me always called me back to a warmer climate where I could be outside most of the year. Somewhere along the way, I heard a statistic about the number of days of sunshine Charleston gets per year. Do not quote me on this, but on one site it shows Charleston having 211 days of sun to DC’s 91!


It really does seem like the sun always comes out in the Lowcountry! Last week it stormed all morning, but by that evening I was strolling down King Street in the sunshine. The weather here is the biggest aspect that inspired me to make such a big move away from my comfort zone, and now I see there are so many other things about Charleston that let me lead such a bright and colorful life. I dare you to feel uninspired when you go to a local bakery, sit under some oak trees, or sit by the marsh. We are surrounded by bright and beautiful colors at all times here in the Lowcountry, and I think that is something I choose to focus on because it is such a change from the gray days I used to dread. When we were taking these photos at a Sweetgrass Properties location on Kiawah, it was just really hard to not look up at the lush landscape and NOT smile.



Five years later, I am still loving Charleston and enjoying surrounding myself with other creatives through the company I started last November, The Charleston Weekender.  It was the energy and inspiring setting of the Holy City that inspired me to back off from my speech therapy career and explore more creative passions. Constantly being around so many other supportive women fuels me to keep doing what I’m doing; from curating fun gifts for my online shop (so that every day can feel a little more like the weekend) to styling products and interiors so others can decorate their life.  I bet the sunshine might have something to do with the camaraderie and sense of community that makes it so easy for people to work together here in Charleston.




Thank you to Sweetgrass Properties for inviting us to your gorgeous spot for the day; I am ready for a staycation there! Also thanks to Dandy Boutique, Charleston Flower Girl, Event Haus, Mary Beth Thomas, and Ashley Carrington for donating their time and creativity for this fun day. Check out #DandyWeekendatSweetgrass for some more sunshine-filled photos and follow @sweetgrassproperties for a fun little giveaway featuring Dandy Boutique and Charleston Weekender goodies, worth over $150!



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