Have You Really Been Spirited?


By Lorraine Pursell

Spirited. Here we are, inhabitants of planet Earth, but many of us realize at times that we’re not really from here.

Not meaning that we should leave or off ourselves to return early, but, well, this does not feel like home to a lot of us.

So hooking up with what feels like home is a touch more of a journey into fragility than I care to recount most of the time. But it’s that stuff that words can’t describe.

I’ve had moments where I could have died of bliss they was so outrageous. The sceneries came alive and flowers and reeds emanated what I can’t describe to you, but I was clearly “spirited.”

I wept deeper than a baby from being so moved and connected to the source of all things and I couldn’t turn off the downpour. For days. And most recently it lasted for several. Trees conveyed threads of ‘same’ and guard rails and roads spoke to me – there was no separation between us– it’s all alive.

Does any of this resonate? Or do I just sound wacko (which I don’t care about because self-consciousness leaves when the veil’s ripped)?

I chickened out and turned the last one off in July. But I processed the multi-day, multi-dimensional awakening over many Livestreams and drug the globe into my debriefing. Many knew exactly what I knew.

I just don’t care how it appears.

The peace.

The absence of wanting because I own it all.

The tingling in my chest and the pursuant bliss.

No E could compare.

It’s being Spirited.

It keeps me going while straining to remember who I am in my day-to-day life of websites and tech and leading global groups to remember who they are as Earth Angels.

The indelible connection tracing us back to our origin. And sometimes we glimpse it.

Remember who we are.

Spirits having a human experience.

Yep. That’s me.

Yep. That’s you.

And now at any moment I choose, I flip the switch and connect to my elm tree that pulses all is well, to bushes on the way to Folly – each leaf speaks.

It’s all alive, the things we think don’t breathe life. They do.

Have you been spirited?

I’m in love with how it’s made me be in love with my life.

When I forget, I strive and worry. When I remember who I am, all that’s not necessary disappears.

Lorraine Pursell, MA, former marriage, family and child counselor turned empowerment and authenticity coach, unleashes women globally via Livestream, video, TV, podcast, radio, writing, signature programs and private practice. An international bestselling author, since 1995 her passion is for you living your great big life. You can get her most acclaimed eBook no-charge at www.3KeysToSelfLove.com.



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