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I don’t think you have to look too far back to realize that Halloween is my  favorite time of year! The cooler weather, the decorations, the costumes, and all the fun parties make it the most whimsical time of year! We decorate the store to the nines, make our “Autumn To-Do List,” and of course try and create the perfect Halloween costume. The past few years I have been using pieces from my favorite vintage thrift shops and also pieces from Dandy to create fun unique looks. This year a few friends got together and we pulled fun pieces from Dandy and played dress-up the best possible way…..Halloween style! halloween-blog First up…Sarah Sanderson. I did this costume a few years ago and thought it would be so easy to re-create when we got this lace up skirt in the store. Not to mention I still had my cape and my corset. (don’t judge me) Now the skirt, shoes, and leggings can all be found at Dandy, but I bought the corset online for about $10.00 and made the cape by just getting some purple fabric from Hancock fabrics, cutting it, and tying it around my neck. dandy-halloween-10-1-2My obsession with Hocus Pocus might be a bit much, but hey isn’t that what Halloween is all about, doing just a bit too much! If you don’t feel like lacing up that corset a nice black blouse will work just fine and any pair of buckle boots will work perfectly. Now throw a few spiders in your hair and start dancing idiotically and bam your Sarah Sanderson!halloween-diy-10Next on the list, one of the simplest costumes out there….the black cat! Or in this case a “Classy Black Cat.” Rebekah wore Dandy’s black fit and flare dress, paired it with kitty socks and chunky heels for this adorable look. We added a pair of kitty ears, a fun tail, and just to make sure you got the classy part, a fun bow tie! Of course, Rebekah’s make up is spot on and add’s the perfect touch to this classy kitty!dandy-halloweenhalloween-diy-8dandy-halloween-13Can you do the Charleston?! Last, but certainly not least the “Speak too Easy” Charleston Flapper Girl costume. Alexis played the 20’s flapper girl to perfection! This costume is easily done with a fun black dress, the perfect fringe jacket and as many tassel accessories as you can find! Retro shoes add a great touch, but the fringe piece is key. As long as you make that the stand out piece, everything else can easily fall into place.dandy-halloween-14Now we decked her out with a few of Dandy’s bridal pieces, but any fun beaded headband will work and of course if you can, add a feather. I mean what’s a flapper costume without a few feathers. halloween-diy-9The best advice I can give is mix it up! All the costumes I have done that really worked, were the ones where I took normal clothes, threw in a few thrift pieces, and then added those handmade finishing touches. Even if you buy your costume outright add a few of your own touches to it to make it unique and interesting! I hope I was able to give you a little inspiration so you can be ready for the best holiday of the year (in my humble opinion, of course)! dandy-halloween-3

Photography by: Ashley Michelle Photography. | My amazing models: Alexis Robles | Rebekah Marts | Clothing: Thrift stores | Dandy Boutique 

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