Guilty Pleasure: Sparking Beauty Housewives’ Style


(A moment of over-the-top makeup voyeurism)

If I need to spark some beauty creativity, I look no farther than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. My husband cringes a bit every time he catches me sneaking an episode of all that eye candy. Those ladies are dripping in the latest trends and products and artistry; it keeps me glued to my DVR.

I’ll admit it’s so fetching to me, that I’ve gone immediately to my makeup mirror to try to emulate the golds and metallics and sheens and dewiness that they wear. I’m normally an everything-in-moderation girl, but these “housewives” know how to pack it on. Or should I say, their makeup artists do. Even so, I feel quite certain they know their own way around a makeup brush.

I’m not usually a fan of the over-plumped lips, however it seems to work for them and their glamorous California culture. BUT. . . give me the lashes, give me sparkle, give me the mysterious smoky eyes . . . I’m loving all their looks! And I love when they scale back and have a “real” moment of little makeup while sipping their spinach-smoothie lunches after a hot yoga class.

There’s nothing like watching how other women wear their makeup that gives me the spark to try new products or techniques to my own applications. That’s my inspiration. I’ll take a Lisa Rinna smoky eye together with an Eden Sassoon shimmer cheek and add a Lisa Vanderpump glossy lip . . . it’s all divinity!

And ask Erika Jayne: it’s XXpen$ive to look that great 😉

All of my RHWOBH makeup comes from CosBar right here on King Street.  Tom Ford eye shadows, cream blush, and lipstick; Laura Mercier limited edition eye palette, Artis brushes, and YSL mascara.



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