This is for the December Babies


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This one is for the December babies, the ones whose birthday gets lumped into the holidays and is often forgotten in the hustle & bustle of the season.

If you’re not born in December or near a major holiday, then you are probably used to having your birthday being a big deal and it’s own special day. Some of us aren’t so lucky, so you learn to be flexible and just hope some friends will be able to celebrate with you.


I have a December birthday, but am toward the beginning of the month, so it’s not as bad as being in the later parts of the month or between Christmas & New Years.  In college it worked out where my birthday was usually near the end of class and beginning of exams so it was an excuse to celebrate one last time together before everyone went home for the holidays.

Now my birthday is usually wedged between company holiday parties and everything else that makes the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years busy.  I decided this year would be different though – it was my 30th birthday and we were going to do it big.


This year I had a week of fun, which was a first.  One weekend with my mom in town exploring Garden & Gun’s Jubilee and new restaurants, and the next weekend in New York City to truly celebrate my birthday that Saturday. We saw all the Christmas lights, it snowed on my birthday and I hung out with some of my best friends from home and college. I could not have entered this new decade in a better way!

My challenge for you:

If you’re not a December baby, tell your friend that is happy birthday!  Send them a card (Christmas cards with happy birthday written in them do not count).  Make time to spend an hour or two with them doing something fun – I promise it means more than you would ever think!


If you’re a December baby, I hope you take a day off of work to treat yo’self.  Get your hair and nails done, buy a new outfit, take the afternoon to curl up and read or watch a movie.

I hope you have a fun night out with the girls, relax on the couch all morning or just take a day to do what you want with no holiday pressure. Do something for yourself!


Just because it’s a busy time of year doesn’t mean that December babies should be forgotten or skipped over. It’s more of a reason to celebrate and enjoy the festive season!

Heres to you!

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