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Ask Nancy Meyer about her partnership with Nicole Wallen and she’ll say, “We know each other’s thoughts before they’re spoken; we even finish each other’s sentences.” Barre Evolution founders and co-owners Nancy Meyer and Nicole Wallen have built a successful business partnership on complimentary strengths, passion, and business savvy. Having met over like-interests, the two realized a shared goal of bringing barre fitness to Charleston.

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It wasn’t long before the duo took a leap of faith to see this common vision through to reality. Nowadays, that reality exists in the form of a growing family of barre studios in South Carolina. The pair takes pride in their ability to maintain a shared passion at the core of everything they do. “It was like kismet,” says Meyer, “we didn’t really know each other at first, but our common interest in opening a barre studio and complimentary personalities just clicked. Our partnership is successful because our strengths compliment each other to create symmetry. Our partnership is built off of trust and respect; something that has allowed us to balance a healthy friendship and business relationship.”

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It is the give-and-take of this partnership that has allowed Nancy and Nicole’s vision to thrive in a rapidly growing fitness landscape. With their fourth Barre Evolution studio due to open in early March, and a fifth on the way, it is clear that this pair operates as two parts of a whole. “We have grown to know each other so well,” said Wallen of their partnership, “allowing each of us to capitalize upon our individual strengths, and offer support for one another every step of the way. Having the right partner to compliment your strengths means greater opportunity to grow, learn, and improve, together. Above all, it means so much to know that neither of us is undertaking this adventure alone. Besides, everybody knows that barre is more fun with a friend!”

Nancy Meyer and Nicole Wallen are co-creators of the Barre Evolution method, with barre certification from renowned instructor Debbie Frank and Exhale in NYC. Nancy left the bustle of Wall Street to enjoy life here in Charleston with her husband, Jay, and daughters, Emory and Sutton. Nicole Wallen is also owner of Mt. Pleasant Pilates, certified in pre and post-natal Pilates. She enjoys life downtown with her husband, Michael, and son, Townsend.


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