Elevate Your Interior Style, Not Your Budget


Elevate Your Interior Style, Not Your Budget

We all want magazine-worthy decor, but we don’t all have high end budgets that allow us to hire the pros.  My partner Mimi of The Tiny Tassel & I recently had this dilemma when came to decorating our new shop, Cannonborough Collective.  We were working with champagne taste on more of a wine spritzer budget.  Alas, we made it work and wound up loving our little shop and the energy it has.  It’s interspersed with plenty of Target, Ikea, & a little DIY love, but we were still able to make it a happy little place that (hopefully) doesn’t scream cheap.  I hope you’ll come by, & that you can benefit from these tips to incorporate some of these tips in your own space.

Start with White

This is the most recommended color that I suggested when I was offering interior decorating services. It gives any room a clean, open, airy feel.  There is definitely a time and place for an accent wall, but sticking with mostly white walls, shelves, light fixtures and picture frames can make for such a fresh feel.

Add pops of color

If you’re starting with a neutral palette like we did, you want to add plenty of pops of color.  A tassely balloon banner might not make sense for your home, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate color in a classy way.  A painted credenza, colorful clock, or vibrant artwork can really make an impact around the house.  Even just adding a fun and cheerful shower curtain can really add some flavor to an otherwise dull bathroom.  The absolute best place to get a pop of color happening?  The front door.  Mimi & I fell in love with pink and just went for it.  We love telling lost customers to “look for the one with the pink door”!



Make Trays & Ladders Your Best Friends

Trays can also serve as fun pops of color around your home, or you can keep them all neutral.  We have a couple of acrylic trays in our shop, and though almost invisible they still serve to make things feel that much more put together.  Instead of having items randomly out on a coffee table or shelf, first arranging them on a tray makes everything seem a little more intentional.

Ladders are another one of my favorite ways to decorate in my home and in our shop.  They make a great way to display my Turkish towels in our store, and if you keep a throw-adorned ladder near your sofa it just screams “cozy”.  I also have one near my entryway full of hooks for things like my keys or favorite hats.

Finish With Fresh Flowers

Have y’all heard? Plant lady is the new cat lady! Succulents & air plants are a great way to spruce up your space, but don’t forget to throw in some freshly cut blooms as well.  This is one of my favorite parts of our store; white buckets full of flowers by the stem ℅ Fetes de Fleurs. You can buy a single stem or make your own bouquet and we’ll wrap it up for you with paper & a ribbon.  You could give them as a gift to make someone’s day, but I highly recommend making your own day by having fresh flowers in your living room or even bedside table.  Even just using lots of greenery like eucalyptus with one single stem like a peony is a great way to elevate your decor.

Photography by @abbymurphyphoto


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