Curly Ladies Who Talk Cocktails Daily!

Let’s start from the beginning. On our first day of school at the College of Charleston, we met through a group of mutual friends who had decided to take a walk to The Battery. Shortly into the walk we realized that going with the group was not the best idea, so we decided to turn around and do our own thing… We have been doing our own thing ever since. It was our desire to create our own path that led us to becoming Cocktail Bandits: curly ladies who talk cocktail daily!

We started Cocktail Bandits out of a deep passion to turn what we love, the joys of tequila, into a career. We are an awesome team. Combining Taneka’s bartending experience and Johnny’s legal and administrative experience, along with some spice and attitude, has created something truly magical. 

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It is so amazing to have someone that understands what you are saying by just a look, a smile, or a gesture. We don’t need words. Most times when we are at events, we are the ONLY brown girls there. It’s comforting to know that your friend/business partner is there to support you and that you don’t ever feel like you are the “only” at the event. It is a blessing to know that we are on this journey together. We are winning.


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It takes two of us to keep each other grounded, creative, and consistent. Cocktail Bandits is only 2 years old and we are traveling, innovating and changing the craft cocktail scene internationally. We are living proof of the power of co-creating.

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Johnny Caldwell — Charleston aficionado, futurist, caretaker, rebel, namaste.

Taneka Reaves — lover of creativity, positivity, trees, tequila and Charleston. 

Johnny Caldwell & Taneka Reaves
Cocktail Bandits
Craft Cocktail Advocates


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