Girl’s Night Out


There’s nothing better than getting the squad together for a night out! But every epic get together needs a soundtrack and we’ve got some great local and regional music that will have you busting a move before hitting the town.

Nashville gals Nikki Lane, Whissell, Daphne Willis and Sinclair show that not all Music City residents are in the country wheelhouse. We are poppin’ champagne while kicking ass and taking names. Not to mention, a night out isn’t complete without local gals Cary Ann Heart, Kween Kat, Emily Curtis, and Haley Mae Campbell. Their songs are perfect for this playlist. Lastly, let’s round out the mix with Charlotte, North Carolina group, Volume 4, and Columbia’s, Glass Mansions.

There’s a song for each girl’s individual taste while still remaining true to the meaning of a night out with your gals. Fun, solidarity, and most importantly, great music.

Meggie Hulsey heads up the blog, Disco Teepee, covering local and regional music. Music changes moods and minds. This is her journey to bring the...

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