Friendships Through All Walks of Life


By Caitlin McDonnell

Since moving from Connecticut to Charleston a year ago, I’ve been very aware of friendships and what they mean to me. It was hard leaving my group of girls but they are always just a phone call or a short plane ride away. We all have friends who we grew up with, who have seen us from our first kiss up until standing beside us on our wedding day and beyond. Although we may not see each other as frequently as we used to, it’s the friends that I can call up randomly to vent or share exciting news, or ask which outfit I should wear that I value so much. As we enter different stages of life I’ve been taught that not all friendships are meant to stay. I strongly believe that some people are supposed to come in and out of our lives. As we get older we develop new values, mindsets and beliefs. We grow and expand and while doing so we may realize that a friendship doesn’t feel like it fits as perfectly as it used to. This is OK.

There is no need to feel guilty or like we did something wrong. Take that friend and love them with all of your heart, wish them the very best, and let them go. This doesn’t make us cruel it makes us human. I know I have my girls from up North but I will also meet women in our new hometown, which I’m so excited for. I see moms in our neighborhood that met when their kids were in preschool. They carpool for each other, sit at the park or the pool and chat while the children play, have wine nights, go on vacations with their families over the summer.

As my husband and I start to discuss the idea of starting a family (two dogs have kept us busy so far!), I love that we will eventually meet these people and can watch our families grow together. My girls back home, I have no doubt we’ll do the same. While we will all develop new friendships we’ll also always have each other, which means the world to me.

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