Four Ways to Heat up Your Summer Hiring!


Hiring during the third quarter is no Summer breeze. When the rest of the world is lathering up their offspring in all kinds of SPF and sipping on cold cocktails, this is your time to make the most of your Summer hiring. Use these four tips to make this your best Summer yet for finding great talent! While other companies may be slow to respond or slow to hire, there is likely really fantastic talent out there ready to join your company.


  1. Be Social. Don’t worry, we don’t mean networking, this can all be done from behind a screen, we are talking about social media. On average, people are checking their phones up to 150 times a day. So, even while they are relaxing on the beach, or sipping cocktails poolside, your content is being seen. Post a job, a funny meme, or a really meaningful article, and keep the content coming. The best part of the Summer is that your chances of reaching a wider audience of talent rises significantly since everyone is on vacation mode and checking their phones way too often. So, get creative, try new themes, do some research and have fun with it!
  2. Give Your Brand a Facelift. Many businesses find that things slow down during the Summer, so, if you find yourself with any down time make sure to maximize it. The world is on vacation, take this opportunity to revamp your brand. Review all of your job descriptions. Do they need some TLC? Look at your website. Does it need a facelift? Talk to your team and ask what ideas they might have. Browse your own marketing and reflect on what is working and what is not. If you don’t like it, now is a great time to invest the energy into crafting a brand you love.
  3. Enhance That Pipeline. As recruiters and HR professionals we are only as good as our network. That saying also stands for business owners and hiring managers. Take this time to interview and meet with amazing talent and get them into your pipeline. Having killer talent ready to pull off the shelf when that job requisition comes in is key!
  4. Everyone is in Recruiting. Regardless of what industry you are in, your team members should always be recruiting. They should be finding you new talent wherever they go! Teach your team this concept and make sure they know how to help you sell your company. Sit in on interviews and see how they are conducting themselves. If they are struggling, take this time to put together a recruiting training process that helps everyone interview better, and ask more meaningful questions. Get your team selling your company and just like that your brand, your company, and your team will grow.

While other recruiters and hiring managers are kicking their feet up and enjoying the Summer rays, take advantage of their downtime and you will be surprised at the talent that will come streaming through your doors. Turn their vacation into your hustle.

The Hustle is Real,

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