The ‘Love is all you need’ Issue


Love is sharing the last bite of decadent dessert with each other across the table. Love is an end-of-the-night slow dance at someone else’s wedding. Love is a glass of wine shared after the kids are finally asleep. It’s late-night discussions about your hopes and dreams. Love is a snuggle just before your alarm goes off way too early in the morning. Love is a strong shoulder to cry on when life disappoints and a kiss to celebrate even the smallest successes. Love is not always big and passionate. Love is found in the little things – the small, intimate, quiet moments. Love is as authentic and real as it gets. It’s open and honest. Loves sees the best in others and seeks to help lift up those who have fallen down. True love is not always easy, but it always, always prevails. Love is what motivates and sustains us. Love is all you need.



Cover Artist

Rebecca Hinson is a contemporary illustrator and oil painter living in Charleston.

An early passion for art led Rebecca to take private art lessons and experiment with different mediums. Shortly after graduating from the College of Charleston, she began her professional career as a freelance artist concentrating in oil paints. Over some years Rebecca transitioned to fashion illustration, one of her original passions. She works in gouache watercolor and pen to create pieces inspired by the South, travel, fashion and animals. Her clients include individuals and businesses. She creates wedding, pets and people portraits as well as branding, advertising, and logo work. She accepts commissions and sells primarily through her website.

Rebecca lives with her husband, Derek, and their two kitties, Luna and Eva Snow.


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