Eyes that Pop!



“Make my eyes pop!”

As a makeup artist, those are words I hear frequently.

It’s a universal request of all makeup clients.

What I hear when someone says that to me is:

“Make my eyes appear open, awake, and rested.”

“Make my eyes the focal point of this application.”

“Make my eyes the first thing you notice when you look at my face.”

“Make the color of my eyes jump out.”

Photo by Kristin Burke

And so, I reach into my bag of tricks (also known as artistry), and I deliver.


There are numerous ways to achieve that.


But it involves study:

Color theory.

Knowledge of eye shapes and sizes.

Facial proportions.

To lash, or not to lash. (I almost always encourage a lash dance.)

Photo by Love the Daniels

And it involves great products:

Eyelid primer to keep products in place.

Highly pigmented eye shadows

Eye liners that stay put, and

Interesting mascaras (black usually, but a beautiful violet/purple mascara can be a game-changer.)

Photo by Andrew Cebulka

The artistry:

I can only say that my hands have a mind of their own.

I trust them to know what to do, where to place a product, and when to blend.

It’s like a recipe, actually.

And the magic happens somewhere in the steps of doing it.

But magic also happens in the clean-up and tiny strokes of removal of product, too.

The “pop!”

It’s hard to explain, yet so easy to see when it happens.

I love that moment.  I live for it, actually.


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