Essential Reading: Liz Butler Duren’s memoir


Essential reading: “All About You . . .An Adopted Child’s Memoir

This summer, I had the pleasure to get to read an advance copy of my friend’s autobiography.

I became acquainted with Liz Butler Duren through the wedding industry here in Charleston. She’s a premier photographer, a fabulous actress, and a self-proclaimed “hustler.” She’s a true entrepreneur; an idea-lady who makes her own destiny.

Liz and I have been meeting for lunches at Ali Baba for years now. We share an affinity for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern fare. Those felt-backed plastic tablecloths have absorbed a lot of conversations between the two of us. It was at those tables that she first told me her story.

The fact that she’s a leap-year/February 29th baby is the first of many unique things about Liz. But what really drew me in was I knew she was girlfriend material because of our common pop-cultural references. She is a child of the late 60s, who came of age in the 80s. As am I. We both come from deep Southern roots where airing private family business is a sin. A secret is swept under the rug; don’t look, don’t ask, and whatever you do, don’t tell. She’s a natural storyteller with analogies and references that enhance any soliloquy that she’s willing to share.

I hope you’re looking for a great read, as I wholeheartedly recommend this book. You can finish it in a day or stretch it out over a few. I did the latter, because I luxuriated in hearing my friend’s voice in my mind as I read her story. I coffee’d and tea’d my way through this. It was my treat to myself for four delightful days.

The only spoiler I’ll divulge is this: Blackie the Cat, who is referred to on a few occasions in this story, now resides with me. I’ve got a whole full-circle thing going on with him.

Liz Butler Duren’s “All About You . . . An Adopted Child’s Memoir” can be found on You can hold a book or you can download it to your Kindle or tablet reader.

In the meantime, here’s the Part 1 of a 4-video series that introduces her book:


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