Dress for Success as a New Grad!


So….  you secured a full-time offer after working hard for the last four years (or maybe you took the five-year plan?) No judgment here. You stayed up countless nights in the library trying to memorize your flash cards while you drowned in coffee and regrets of binge watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for the three months prior. Your best friend throughout these years were your yoga pants, concealer, and dry shampoo to mask the fact that you woke up at 8:45 a.m. for a 9 a.m. lecture. #fakeittillyoumakeit

You’re looking through your new employer’s handbook and find out that you’re required to wear business casual for the next 40 years of your life (or at least Monday through Friday). You can either begin to panic or look at the bright side of things. Now you have a pliable excuse to shop without feeling like you need to freeze your credit card in a block of ice! Even better, you can post a professional Instagram photo to remind your followers that you bring more to the table than doing keg stands at Theta Chi’s day drink.

When I first began my professional career, I stuck to a more classic look. I went out to the mall and bought your typical pantsuit but I realized that it didn’t “tickle my fancy”. I wanted to add my own style to ‘business casual’ and so I did (also another great excuse to go shopping again). I thought I’d help out my fellow millennials by posting some pictures of my own twist starring my new Fall wardrobe! Unlike many other fashion blogs, this one you can actually afford. I’m somewhat frugal but I like to look kick ass! Trust me, no one will know if your top is from a department store and who really cares anyway?! The whole point is to look polished and to feel good in your own skin! Also, you just graduated! Go easy on yourself!

This style is my go-to for Fall because it is simple, professional and best of all, comfy! I found this burgundy sweater at Marshall’s for *drum roll* $14 dollars! Paired with black skinny slacks from Old Navy for under $30 dollars! If you’re a total shoe guru like me, I found those nude heels at Marshalls for $20 and they only hurt after a few hours, haha!

The second outfit is a beige top with the coziest scarf and suede nude heels! The top can be layered with a jean jacket or your favorite cardigan! The scarf doubles as a blanket to take a nap in during lunch and most importantly, it hides any double chin you may gain from too many of those pumpkin spice lattes (it happens). The shirt I found at Marshalls for $12 dollars and the shoes were a little pricier at $44 dollars! Work your magic and get creative!

You can save the third look for a meeting with your boss or a client because it definitely screams “lady boss”! This pink suit jacket was under $29 at Marshalls and the polka dot top was found at New York & Company on sale for $15! Pair this outfit with your favorite heels or flats and you’re ready to go!

My final piece of advice is to check the mirror after applying lipstick this Fall because I don’t know how many times I’ve gone into work and been told: “Hey Maddie, you have a little something-something on your teeth.” Cheers to a kick-ass Fall and looking fancy all year round!


Your Prospering Recent Grad,

Maddie Loomis
Talent Matchmaker
Oneinamil, LLC



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