DIY Oyster Shell Candles


April is the Spark issue of skirt! Magazine, and what better DIY project to post than candles?  Oyster shells can be found all over the lowcountry, and I love repurposing them into different crafts, like candles for your table!

DIY Oyster Shell Candles

What you’ll need:

  • Oyster shells
  • Fake pearls
  • Liquid cement
  • Parchment paper
  • Soy wax
  • Wicks with tabs
  • Candle pour pitcher

Oyster shells that are in more of a cup shape are best for holding the wax.  If your shells aren’t clean, make sure to scrub them and give them a bath before turning them into candles. Next, get your supplies together – You can find everything you need at your local craft store.

When your shells are clean and your supplies are ready, glue pearl feet to the bottom of the oyster shells so they sit upright and will hold wax without spilling.  Make sure the liquid cement is fully dry before continuing.

Place a piece of parchment paper out to be your oyster candle area and protect counters from spills.  Put the oysters on the parchment paper, so they’re all sitting upright and ready for wax.

Cut your wicks to be about 1″- 1 1/2″ tall, and place them with the tab on the bottom into the shells.

Pour some of the soy wax into your candle pour pitcher, and put on your stove on low heat. Once your wax is melted, slowly pour it into the shells, one at a time.  I’ve learned not to try to fill the shells all the way up, and to pour some, let it sit, then pour some more to avoid spills.

As the candles cool with the wicks in them, you can figure out if any of them need more wax.  If they do, add a little at a time, until they look full without spilling.

Let the candles cool overnight, and then they are ready to use!  You can use them to add a coastal touch to your next event, and they will burn about the same as a regular tea light.

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